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Welcome to the MCS website. We specialize in accounting, payroll, order entry, point-of-sale and job-costing software for small and medium business. Our Kalypso software runs under Windows XP, 7, 8 and 10, for standalone PC's or local networks of up to 32 stations.

MCS has now found a business partner with an accounting background who has purchased the software and the Kalypso trademark.

Contego Tech Solutions of Calgary are a full-service  company who will take Kalypso into the future. Without changing how the basic software works, new versions will include increased security, cloud access, website shops, improved email handling, more PoS payment options and integration with other apps and systems.  There will be no pressure to switch away from Kalypso, which MCS will continue to support.

As always, you can call us at 604-941-3828 or send us an email at  mcsltd@shaw.ca. For more information about Contego, go to contegotech.ca/solutions/kalypso/.




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